Monday, February 1, 2010

Official Hints List

Here are the official hints for the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt...

These slurls and hints will be kept as up to date as humanly possible.
Please know that the landmarks in each location indicate shop name!

First some general tips and hints that can save you a lot of frustration in the end.
a) Let things rez when you land (once you walk past it you will take much longer to find it)
b) Relog frequently, after a while things stop rezzing and if you relog that will fix it. Clearing cache isn't a bad idea either!
c) Reduce your own lag by wearing fewer prims and lower prim options. Also where possible avoid flexi, lights (including face lights), and scripted attachments as much as possible. Shops have tons of textures that you have to rez in every location, and if you reduce the lag you are adding you will find hunting a bit easier.
d) Have fun, use the in world group (click the group inviter on any hunt sign), and if you have issues contact Rox Arten (hunt organizer) and I will get them fixed.

Shop Number: Hint *NOTE: The number is a clickable slurl to that shop

1: Sacred Offerings
2: Hint Giver At Landing
3: No Hint Needed
4: mmmm tea!
5: Ready...aim... fire!
6: Where the bats live.
7: Watch your step.
8: Red is a lucky color.
9: Love the beads!
10: Hint Giver Near Landing
11: Where else would you hang a paper lantern?
12: Throw a cog in that steampunk outfit.
13: Beads are Long.
14: Bite me!
15: It's Oriental
16: The little lamp did not have to go far before it found a big friend.
17: " AVATAR! Neytiri & Jake hold the lantern..."
18: Getting some light!
19: Don't ignore the signs
20: Red & Gold such a great oriental celebration!
21: It is Chinese New Year after all!
23: According to Chinese Astrology, Tiger Years are very lucky for Dragons!
24: Tiger Says Welcome
25: Hint Giver on site!
26: An Adored little lantern!
27: Playing hide and seek with Anna and Belinda
28: We were all new once.
29: No hint needed
30: What a lovely porch lite
31: Honest he doesn't bite... I don't think
32: Such a shy little lantern
33: A logical place for a lantern
34: What's new? (IF LM included does not say NEW LOCATION please see notecard in 33 for LM to 35)
35: Sitting with angels
37: This lantern isn't afraid of heights!
38: A seat with a good view!
39: Look for where orange meets black
40: Ohh shiny... forget the bling go for the gold!
41: Just chilling out.
42: No hint needed.
43: No hint needed.
44: Those with a sweet tooth might find another surprise!
45: Looking down on you.
46: You really can't miss this one
47: Your eyes are the key to unlock this lanterns location
48: Come in Take a seat and rest a bit
49: Wind me up
50: Watch you step
51: Is this one short enough for you
52: Red is such a lucky color
53: "Do Not Ride The Pickle"
54: Dragons, Koi, Bamboo, and more
55: Sexy Stripes
56: everyone can need a therapy sometimes:)
57: 1). If I am tall then the prize in sitting on my shoulder. 2). There are 2 of us but it is only behind (both hints for same gift there is only one at this location)
58: Watching over the stock
59: Welcoming you
60: No hint needed
61: Blinded by the light
62: Maybe it's time to relax a bit
63: Keeping your dreams sweet
64: A light in a dark corner.
65: Hint Giver on site

If a hint is incorrect or you believe it is please send a notecard to Rox Arten in Second Life. If SLURL is incorrect and a shop has moved please also notify me. The shop owner should do so immediately upon finding out of this however, it is not unheard of that a sim is sold and things returned to a shop owner without warning. I will update these as soon as possible. I do however have to sleep and take care of real life things as well so if please know there may be a gap of a few hours between such a change and this being updated. I have provided 3 starting points to assist in any such cases so that you can skip ahead and keep hunting while you wait on a fix. Also know that there are some helpers in the in world group as well as other helpers who may be able to help you skip ahead temporarily in such cases!

Happy Hunting!

Rox Arten
Welcoming The Tiger Hunt Organizer

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