Monday, January 4, 2010

Gearing Up

So, as the Silver & Gold hunt winds down I am gearing up for yes another hunt. Again I like to offer an alternative to the overdone themes of the day. February is well known for valentines but there are two other celebrations in February that of Mardi Gras and that of The Chinese New Year! So with that said....

CIF&D and Secrets of Gaia presents:
Welcoming the Tiger! (A grid wide Chinese New Year themed hunt)
February 1st, 20109 through February 28th, 2010.
Application Deadline January 18th, 2010!
Hunt limit: 75 Vendors and will be ordered in the order applications are received.

A bit about our theme:
The theme for this hunt comes from the desire to have a hunt that isn’t going to compete with all the other February Hunts. Everyone knows Valentines day comes in February, but the other celebrations that happen that month get overlooked. After a bit of research and a lot of weighing the options I narrowed it down to two choices before finally deciding on Chinese New Year as a Theme. This is certainly a hunt that can be fun and has so many options for all kinds of vendors to be included. I am including here some URL’s to websites to help people who may be less familiar with this theme to help decide if your interested in participating and also help inspire amazing hunt gifts.

Research list (to get you started):

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