Monday, February 1, 2010

Official Hints List

Here are the official hints for the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt...

These slurls and hints will be kept as up to date as humanly possible.
Please know that the landmarks in each location indicate shop name!

First some general tips and hints that can save you a lot of frustration in the end.
a) Let things rez when you land (once you walk past it you will take much longer to find it)
b) Relog frequently, after a while things stop rezzing and if you relog that will fix it. Clearing cache isn't a bad idea either!
c) Reduce your own lag by wearing fewer prims and lower prim options. Also where possible avoid flexi, lights (including face lights), and scripted attachments as much as possible. Shops have tons of textures that you have to rez in every location, and if you reduce the lag you are adding you will find hunting a bit easier.
d) Have fun, use the in world group (click the group inviter on any hunt sign), and if you have issues contact Rox Arten (hunt organizer) and I will get them fixed.

Shop Number: Hint *NOTE: The number is a clickable slurl to that shop

1: Sacred Offerings
2: Hint Giver At Landing
3: No Hint Needed
4: mmmm tea!
5: Ready...aim... fire!
6: Where the bats live.
7: Watch your step.
8: Red is a lucky color.
9: Love the beads!
10: Hint Giver Near Landing
11: Where else would you hang a paper lantern?
12: Throw a cog in that steampunk outfit.
13: Beads are Long.
14: Bite me!
15: It's Oriental
16: The little lamp did not have to go far before it found a big friend.
17: " AVATAR! Neytiri & Jake hold the lantern..."
18: Getting some light!
19: Don't ignore the signs
20: Red & Gold such a great oriental celebration!
21: It is Chinese New Year after all!
23: According to Chinese Astrology, Tiger Years are very lucky for Dragons!
24: Tiger Says Welcome
25: Hint Giver on site!
26: An Adored little lantern!
27: Playing hide and seek with Anna and Belinda
28: We were all new once.
29: No hint needed
30: What a lovely porch lite
31: Honest he doesn't bite... I don't think
32: Such a shy little lantern
33: A logical place for a lantern
34: What's new? (IF LM included does not say NEW LOCATION please see notecard in 33 for LM to 35)
35: Sitting with angels
37: This lantern isn't afraid of heights!
38: A seat with a good view!
39: Look for where orange meets black
40: Ohh shiny... forget the bling go for the gold!
41: Just chilling out.
42: No hint needed.
43: No hint needed.
44: Those with a sweet tooth might find another surprise!
45: Looking down on you.
46: You really can't miss this one
47: Your eyes are the key to unlock this lanterns location
48: Come in Take a seat and rest a bit
49: Wind me up
50: Watch you step
51: Is this one short enough for you
52: Red is such a lucky color
53: "Do Not Ride The Pickle"
54: Dragons, Koi, Bamboo, and more
55: Sexy Stripes
56: everyone can need a therapy sometimes:)
57: 1). If I am tall then the prize in sitting on my shoulder. 2). There are 2 of us but it is only behind (both hints for same gift there is only one at this location)
58: Watching over the stock
59: Welcoming you
60: No hint needed
61: Blinded by the light
62: Maybe it's time to relax a bit
63: Keeping your dreams sweet
64: A light in a dark corner.
65: Hint Giver on site

If a hint is incorrect or you believe it is please send a notecard to Rox Arten in Second Life. If SLURL is incorrect and a shop has moved please also notify me. The shop owner should do so immediately upon finding out of this however, it is not unheard of that a sim is sold and things returned to a shop owner without warning. I will update these as soon as possible. I do however have to sleep and take care of real life things as well so if please know there may be a gap of a few hours between such a change and this being updated. I have provided 3 starting points to assist in any such cases so that you can skip ahead and keep hunting while you wait on a fix. Also know that there are some helpers in the in world group as well as other helpers who may be able to help you skip ahead temporarily in such cases!

Happy Hunting!

Rox Arten
Welcoming The Tiger Hunt Organizer

Hunt started and hints coming...

Hello everyone and welcome to the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt.

This blog will have the official list of hints with slurls posted within the next day or two for everyone. I will keep it as up to date as humanly possible but please keep in mind, sometimes shops move without warning, vendors do move their hunt gifts around from time to time, and I do need to sleep and tend to real life obligations as well! If you can't find a hunt object at one location the slurls here will help you move on until it can be updated. While I do expect my vendors to notify me of moves, often unexpected moves are first noticed by hunters. If you are hunting and find a broken link or believe there is an issue at any shop on the hunt please feel free to drop a notecard to me (Rox Arten) in world and I will look into it as soon as possible.

If the hint is wrong, the shop seems missing, or any other issue comes up along the hunt I can only get fixed what I know about!

We have a total of 65 shops in the hunt...I have 3 start point lm's spread throughout the hunt in the hunter information notecard available by touching any of the hunt information signs. Also the lantern that is attached is both a sample of what your looking for and also a group inviter for the hunter group. We will be using the Silver & Gold Hunters Group as our official in world hunter help group.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Ghanie Lane for sculpting the beautiful Chinese lantern you are hunting for.

Happy Hunting,
Rox Arten,
Welcoming the Tiger Hunt

Friday, January 8, 2010

Applications Update...

We are up to 33 applications of the max 75 for the Welcoming the Tiger Hunt. I will be processing these over the weekend (and any others recieved) and sending out the first signs to vendors. Those in the Silver & Gold group should stay, those not will recieve invitations to join the group early next week after the Silver & GOld hunt is completed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hunt Rules/Guidelines and Hunt Application Information

Hunt Guidelines and Rules:
*NOTE: I am looking for vendors who take making a commitment seriously. I completely understand that real life comes first and that sometimes things happen and I am absolutely sympathetic to that fact. However, in all things I will protect the hunt chain and the interest of the other vendors where needed. If you can not be set up on time and do not reply to the requests to correct if needed, please understand that it is not personal that I will for the interest of the rest of the hunt vendors remove those stores who don’t get set up and replace them. *

1. Only original creators no resellers (this includes authorized resellers or BIB items), clubs, rentals, or copyrighted materials (such as art taken from the web, duplication of another’s work by any means, or any such non original work) if it's not your own original work then please don't apply. Obviously use of purchased textures, scripts, templates, and sculpties is fine as those items are sold to content creators for use in their work. If you have a few authorized reseller vendors I won’t disqualify you, that is different then a shop who is selling mostly or entirely non original content.

2. One location per store and one store per person please. I will be limiting this hunt to 75 stops max please give others opportunity to join us. You may include gifts from multiple stores in one package if you wish to promote these other businesses. (If you wish to place a second location or additional shop on the reserve list for filling in any spots last minute that we might have to fill then please add that to the bottom of your application including a LM)

3. You will receive an invitation to the hunt vendors group upon acceptance of your application; you must remain in the vendor group. I understand group slots are limited but it is important to be able to communicate with the vendors effectively and this is the best option for that.

4. Gifts may be anything you wish to create, or if you prefer an item from your stock but please no freebies repackaged. This only annoys hunters to work to find the hunt item and then open it to find only stuff they could have gotten as a freebie without hunting. Also remember that if you give an item that isn’t up to the quality of what you sell or doesn’t somehow show what your items are then you hurt yourself.

5. Please try to build something that at least loosely fits the theme, the theme has a wide range of ways to build for it even loosely. I won’t force you to build for the theme, I’m not inspecting gifts. But it’s an opportunity to think outside the box if you don’t already have items along the line of the theme or expand on what you do have if you do.

6. If possible including a male item or unisex item is encouraged but not required.

7. Object must be no more then 30 meters from the point at which the hunters land. If your location is in a mall or location with centralized teleporting you will need to be able to put up a sign pointing them to your store. Please check with Mall/Market/Rental managers that you can do this. I won’t come around measuring these, unless I get complaints that it’s half a mile away. Please use your best judgment. In the Silver & Gold hunt my own object was further away but then it was also a 50m bell.

8. The hunt object may be hidden however you see fit, however, it may not be hidden so that it is enclosed fully in another object, only a tiny bit of it shows, or is otherwise nearly impossible to locate.

9. The hunt object must be set to sell contents NOT a copy (which gives the hunters a folder rather then making them have to rez a box) and will be set to L$0 and no more!

10. Your gifts must be boxed/bagged before placing them in the hunt object. The folder given to the hunter should only contain 2 items, the landmark to the next location and your gift package!

11. The Hunt Signs. Upon acceptance you will receive an application sign, once all spots are filled or we reach the application deadline a prehunt sign will be sent out, and just before the hunt a final hunt info sign will be sent out. You will need to have a sign out from the time you are accepted to the time the hunt ends. I expect within 48 hours of sending the new sign (barring rl keeping you from logging on in that time) you will have the sign replaced with the new one.

12. If your shop moves or you drop out of the hunt for any reason you must notify an organizer so that we can keep the chain from being broken which only hurts other vendors in the hunt. If possible a day's notice would help to ensure we can replace the lm in the previous box. I do understand that sometimes even the vendor does not know in advance that the location is going to be suddenly relocated or vanish. If you move the shop on the same lot and are not using forced landing points it is also important you notify me with a corrected LM, if the hunters land 100m away and as many do have their draw distance set low to help with lag from hunting they may not even see your shop if it’s moved.

13. You must have both the sign and the hunt object, set to sell for 0 out for the walk through. I have to be able to check the LM’s in them to ensure one last time just before the hunt that every LM sent out is correct and working properly. You do NOT have to have the gift included, you can just leave it with the lm or place a notecard saying that the hunt starts soon come back then in it. I will be checking that you have the hunt info sign and the lm in your hunt object works properly.

14. You must have your hunt gift placed in the object and hidden by midnight for the hunt start. I will most likely start the hunt at my shop at midnight and work through the entire chain until it’s completed just after the start to ensure that all is working properly and to gather hints where needed.

15. I do not see this as 'my hunt' I am the organizer, the one who chose to organize and 'run' the hunt, however, this is everyparticipating vendor's hunt. I will if changes are made or needed ask for input in the group. I will however make the choice that seems to be both majority opinion and best for the majority of those involved. Please treat me with respect as I will always treat you with respect.

Thank you for reading this, I have tried to keep the rules simple, if others are deemed nessecary later on I will then add them. Please know that I greatly appreciate your work in preparing your shop location and creating a wonderful gift for our hunters and thank you for placing your trust in my ability to pull this hunt off smoothly and without drama or other issues along the way. Please know, if there is any issue or question you can IM me at any time, I will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Rox Arten
Welcoming the Tiger Hunt Organizer

Application Instructions:
*NOTE: Read the instructions carefully, those who do not follow them will be omitted from this hunt as it is important that the hunt vendors can read and follow instructions*

1 Create a new notecard and name it "Welcoming the Tiger " (by creating your own notecard it will make it easier to pull up your profile by properties to send you the hunt object when it's time)
example: Welcoming the Tiger Secrets of Gaia Rox Arten

2 Copy the following to the notecard and fill in the information. I am asking for both landmark (to include in hunt boxes) and SLURL (just in case sl glitches and wipes the landmark).

Shop Name:
Your Name:
Alternate contact or partner (if any):
Have you read the rules and guidelines, and agree to abide by them?

3. Be sure that you included your landmark and the notecard saved and drop the completed application on the profile of Rox Arten.

Gearing Up

So, as the Silver & Gold hunt winds down I am gearing up for yes another hunt. Again I like to offer an alternative to the overdone themes of the day. February is well known for valentines but there are two other celebrations in February that of Mardi Gras and that of The Chinese New Year! So with that said....

CIF&D and Secrets of Gaia presents:
Welcoming the Tiger! (A grid wide Chinese New Year themed hunt)
February 1st, 20109 through February 28th, 2010.
Application Deadline January 18th, 2010!
Hunt limit: 75 Vendors and will be ordered in the order applications are received.

A bit about our theme:
The theme for this hunt comes from the desire to have a hunt that isn’t going to compete with all the other February Hunts. Everyone knows Valentines day comes in February, but the other celebrations that happen that month get overlooked. After a bit of research and a lot of weighing the options I narrowed it down to two choices before finally deciding on Chinese New Year as a Theme. This is certainly a hunt that can be fun and has so many options for all kinds of vendors to be included. I am including here some URL’s to websites to help people who may be less familiar with this theme to help decide if your interested in participating and also help inspire amazing hunt gifts.

Research list (to get you started):